Animal Reproduction


Animal reproduction, specially for milk in India and meat in other countries were kept in research hunt to improve the productivity. Most challenging  part is to find out the bull that should be introduced to semen station. Is the bull falls in the category of high fertile or just bull with average fertility.

Single cell RNA-Seq

Making the remark earlier scientist that there are multiple sub-population in the population of cells.

A requirement is know the expression of population wise. Since different population have in spermatozoa pool. This might be due to the germline stem cells. All the stem cells are not the same exact spermatozoa.  or the sub population is because they are not harnessed same time.

When i started reading about the junk DNA, it came to me that there are some important event related to this.

1. splicing flexibility.
2. insulation theory.

Our Exepertise


Life is seen existing and player of making living easy is made through the content stored in the our body

Whole Genome

Do we know our genome, can we can get the information. Some of these questions are easy to answer.


Getting the working component present in organisms is particular interesting. The visual paradigm observed is based on the 


Earlier the system was not known to us. Now we got into each dimension, one is methylations studies.  


Functional unit protein,  the standard system working is now known to us. Comparing samples communicates and tells the information one keep an eye on. 

Tools and Biosolution

Tools for Statistical analysis and image generation running on linux and windows platform. 

The way this